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    "La Pergola" Bar

    The bar is the ideal spot for a thirst-quenching fizzy long drink or a cocktail which add an amusing note of colour to a dip in the pool. 

    And at sundown what better place to enjoy a cocktail and the colours of the setting sun before sitting down to a romantic candle-lit dinner?

    "Monzù" Restaurant

    The name “Monzù” Restaurant is a deformation of the French “Monsieur” which is how they called the chefs who worked in the courts of leading Neapolitan aristocratic families between the 13th and the 19th century. 

    Chef Arcucci’s menu includes many historical Capri favourites and Neapolitan dishes.  

    As well as the main dining room there is also a panoramic veranda in this luxury restaurnat and other open areas with wonderful sea views which are prefect for romantic candle-lit dinners.

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