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    Restaurant & Bar

    Capri is a triumph of flavours. We have everything here: the freshest ingredients, from fruit and vegetables to fish and cheese. Our lemons alone are enough to inspire a whole menu. Punta Tragara is just as extraordinary for its elegant, natural, contemporary cuisine. From a breakfast of haute patisserie to lunch overlooking the Faraglioni rocks; in the evenings, chance location and dine surrounded by the lights of the Gulf of Naples, just steps away from Capri’s historic Piazzetta. We have two restaurants, Monzù and Mammà, offering the world-renowned traditions of Naples.
    Enrico Moschella – Restaurant Manager

    Restaurant & Bar

    Monzu - Gin Club & American Bar

    I was born in Capri and I come from a family of barmen. Our imagination and love of serving guests go back generations. The most exclusive cocktail at La Pergola Bar? Sun, silence, the swimming pool and all the intimacy of a private home. Something fresh to sip in the shade of our flowering wisteria? How about a “Tragara”, made with passionfruit syrup, lime cordial, vodka and lemon soda. Or our brand-new Gin Mare, sprinkled with basil leaves. The ideal drink on a starlit evening? A sip of romantic Capri.
    Daniele Chirico – Barman

    The bar is the ideal spot for a thirst-quenching fizzy long drink or a cocktail which add an amusing note of colour to a dip in the pool. 

    And at sundown what better place to enjoy a cocktail and the colours of the setting sun before sitting down to a romantic candle-lit dinner?



    Monzu - Gin Club & American Bar

    "Monzù" Restaurant

    Capri is my island and my whole life, and that includes the kitchen. Nature and style are perfectly balanced here, and that’s just what I look for in my cooking: respect for the ingredients, clean flavours, flawless presentation. From pasta and potatoes with blue lobster and smoked provola cheese from the Lattari mountains to sliced red tuna with citrus fruit sauce and maritata endive. Why did we call it “Monzù”? Because the chefs to aristocratic Neapolitan families were once given the French title “Monsieur”. And because the language of Naples reinvents everything, even when it comes to cooking.
    Luigi Lionetti – Executive Chef

    The name “Monzù” Restaurant is a deformation of the French “Monsieur” which is how they called the chefs who worked in the courts of leading Neapolitan aristocratic families between the 13th and the 19th century. 

    Chef Lionetti’s menu includes many historical Capri favourites and Neapolitan dishes.  

    As well as the main dining room there is also a panoramic veranda in this luxury restaurnat and other open areas with wonderful sea views which are prefect for romantic candle-lit dinners.

    "Mammà" Restaurant

    It’s a tribute to my mother. She passed on her love for cooking and every single ingredient to me. Mammà is all about contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, without forgetting the traditional dishes of Capri. The key is the incredible quality of our ingredients. My suppliers? Fishermen from Capri and smallholders from Anacapri. My signature dishes? From seafood risotto to parmigiana made with silver scabbardfish. My right-hand man? Salvatore La Ragione. When there’s sincerity and respect in the kitchen, you can really start to enjoy yourself. It’s then that the Michelin stars appear.
    Gennaro Esposito – 2 Michelin-starred Chef

    Ristorante Mammà can be found at 6 Via Serafina Madre, a stone’s throw from Capri’s famous Piazzetta. The Concierge at Punta Tragara will be delighted to reserve an exclusive table for hotel guests.

    Restaurant web-site: http://www.ristorantemamma.com/

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